COLUMN: Farewell my old friend

Nicola in her faithful car
Nicola in her faithful car

I never thought I was the sort of person who would grieve for the loss of an object that is completely unaware of my existence - as it’s a car

But this week I am being forced to say farewell to the vehicle which has transported me around during seven key years of my life.

It’s an unexpectedly upsetting experience.

I’m not the sort to go for naming my car or decorating it in personalised objects and I’m certainly not particularly a motoring expert.

But it is the first one I’ve owned that didn’t class as an old banger, got admiring glances and was a joy to drive with its powerful turbo acceleration, stylish all leather, chrome and accompanying kudos.

Even now, sitting mournfully quiet on my drive, it is a thing of beauty with perfect bodywork and interior.

It’s been taken in its prime by an engine that needs repairing to the tune of money that probably exceeds the amount it is actually worth.

Frankly, after being quoted more than £600 to find out how much it would cost, I’m cutting my losses but it hurts - this car meant a lot to me and not just because of the heated seats and iconic style.

I bought it following a messy break-up in a satisfying two fingered gesture that also involved the purchase of an eye-wateringly expensive handbag and procuring of my first role as a newspaper editor.

Needless to say the new man in my life was much better looking with its rounded, smooth, metallic, blue bodywork, high quality fittings and finishings.

It was certainly more reliable and thanks to its high-tech computer alerts systems, never told a lie or failed unexpectedly.

It was faithful right until the end.

Although I fitted perfectly into the sporty driving seat, attempts by others to enjoy its delight resulted in knees in the face in its lovely but small bucket seats .

Even in its final hoorah back from the Audi garage -where it was proclaimed too knackered to bother - it carried me all the way home across town before expiring right outside my house for a final time.

Like a faithful pet, it went home to die and made sure I was safe first.

You had a good innings my dear TT.

Thank you for the good times. RIP.