Community projects set to grow with green funding

Coun Marcus Johnstone
Coun Marcus Johnstone

More than 100 community projects, from gardening and planting schemes, bee-keeping clubs, allotment associations and wildlife conservation groups, have received grants to help them develop.

The Green Partnership Awards, run by Lancashire County Council, are given to those who give up their spare time to look after the environment.

The partnership helps people across the county including in Wyre.

County Coun Marcus Johnstone, Lancashire County Council cabinet member for environment, planning and cultural services, said: “The Green Partnership Awards is an excellent collaboration between community groups and councils to support a diverse range of projects which, among their many achievements, preserve wildlife habitats, grow food, and keep environmental skills alive. These schemes make an important contribution to their local community as well as supporting aims such as biodiversity which have much wider environmental benefits.”


projects they also make a little money go a long way, and make a really big impact compared to the relatively modest grants they need to support them.”

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