Could you be a life saver?

More volunteer first responders, like  Ian and Carolyn Mollineaux, are needed
More volunteer first responders, like Ian and Carolyn Mollineaux, are needed

Could you help save a life and do you live in the Chipping area?

North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust is looking for volunteers to join the existing Chipping Community First Responder Team to assist in providing life-saving help to local residents.

Community First Responders are sent to certain emergencies by the ambulance service to give life saving help prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

There is currently a team of 11 working in Chipping led by recently appointed team leader Hugh McNair, but more are needed.

Hugh says it is a privilege to work with such a dedicated CFR team which, under the leadership of previous leader Winefride Slater, was founded 10 years ago.

He said: “More team members will give us much greater coverage of the area, ensuring that any emergency call is rapidly attended by one of our team.

“None of us know who will suffer a potentially life threatening condition, but what we do know is that when such a situation occurs it is the simple things that save lives, including the type of assistance available and the speed of response.

“That is why Community First Responders are used by ambulance services.

“We are appealing to people living in Chipping and the surrounding areas to volunteer to become Community First Responders and to agree to be trained and dedicate some of their time in helping their local community.

“No previous training is needed. The training teaches volunteers how to care for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions, such as cardiac arrest, chest pains, difficulty breathing, allergic reactions, choking and diabetic and epileptic collapse.

“People can commit as much or as little time as they feel able. This is a voluntary role and can be incredibly rewarding. You really could save a life.”

A CFR needs to be extremely reliable, good under pressure, able to remain calm in emergency situations, be caring when dealing with patients and have a good level of physical fitness.

CFRs must have the use of a car and will be required to have a Criminal Records Bureau check.

While a Responder is on call they can continue with their normal day to day activities but must be ready to attend a call should one arise.

NWAS has one of the largest and longest established CFR schemes in the country.

There are more than 1,600 active CFRs who are shared between approximately 140 teams throughout the region.

l If you would like to understand more about being a First Responder and, perhaps consider joining the group, call 01772 904905. Also, for more information on Community First Responders you can visitvisit www.nwas-