Council bosses blast plans to close our tip


THE pressure is building on County Hall bosses to reverse plans to close Claughton household waste recycling centre.

The latest group to join the fight is Wyre Council’s public watchdog committee – whose members are to press the full council to battle against the closure plans.

Their detailed response document points out worries about a major increase in fly-tipping if the closure goes ahead, as well as concerns about the distance to other county tips which Garstang area residents would be expected to drive to get rid of their household waste and garden refuse.

Another fear of borough councillors is that residents will start putting more items in their Wyre wheelie bins – overburdening the borough’s kerbside collection.

It says: “This would have a significant effect, due to the extensive travelling distance and time it takes to get to the treatment plant at Thornton.”

It could also lead to a shake-up of Wyre’s refuse collection team, re-routing or new rounds.

The report says Wyre would need to find more staff and vehicles to collect the additional waste. Wyre wants its extra costs to be reimbursed by the county council.

Coun Roger Brooks led the discussion, pointing out that Garstang Town Council’s petition had attracted more than 3,000 signatures and an e-petition had reached almost 1,000 names.

Coun Brooks said the ‘Save our tip’ protest was the biggest in the area since the Catterall incinerators protests 10 years ago, and the campaign was clearly “rattling cages at County Hall”.

Watchdog chairman May Ghandi praised the Courier for leading the campaign, and wished those supporting it success.

The issue will now go before the full council next month.

l Anti-closure campaigner Mr Robert Lobell was due to hold a public meeting at Claughton Village Hall last night. A full report will appear in next week’s Courier.