Council takes tougher line over excess bins

Wyre Council is to start removing surplus grey bins from homes during routine bin collections following an amnesty last month.

From October 22, additional bins will be removed from households where the council does not have records of them needing extra capacity.

Every home in Wyre is issued with one standard grey bin.

However, there has been an increase in the number of people putting out two or more on collection day.

By filling multiple grey bins instead of recycling, more waste is going to landfill.

This not only damages the environment but extra bins take more time to collect and mean additional trips to the tip, which both cost money, says the council.

Removals will begin in Fleetwood, where a recent check of just 12 streets revealed 200 more grey bins than there should be.

Bigger bins are available for households with more than five residents or for specific medical reasons that result in greater levels of non-recyclable rubbish.

In these instances a council officer will undertake a waste audit with the residents to determine their bin requirements.

For further information, contact the council on 01253 891000.