Council want to list town’s library

Garstang Library
Garstang Library
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Garstang Town Council has agreed to apply to list the town’s library as a community asset as it attempts to save it from county council cuts.

If successful in its application to the council, the town council will then be able to register its interest in buying the library.

That would then trigger a six month period in which the town councillors would raise money in which to buy the library. The price would not be set and could be negotiated with the county council.

County councillor for Garstang, Sandra Perkins, said: “The people of Garstang will do all they can to stop the town losing its library to the cuts.”

Garstang Town Council has also agreed to publish all background documents on its website. The idea behind the change is to allow the public to see what the council is working with and will include all documents apart from sensitive ones, such as salaries.