Canalside rubbish is a haven for vermin

Rubbish piled up on Garstang tow path
Rubbish piled up on Garstang tow path

Boaters on a canal fear an over-flowing rubbish point will create a haven for rats if it is not immediately cleared away.

More than 20 black bags have been piled on top of industrial-sized bins which can be seen by dog walkers and those mooring their boats on the waterway off Church Street.

Fly-tippers have been blamed for the mess.

Grandfather-of-two Phil Blaydes owns a boat in Garstang Marina and regularly moors it on the canal.

He claims the rubbish has been there since November and the Canal River Trust, which is responsible for clearing the walkway, has only been there once since then to clear it away. The 64-year-old said: “If you are walking your dog along the canal or tying up your boat it can create problems with rats. It’s an eyesore and there must be vermin about.

“It started to pile up at the end of November and it’s been cleared up once, but started to build up again. We have grandchildren and a dog and have moored our boat next to it in the past.

“It’s probably a health risk and it’s very busy to moor your boat over there, so sometimes the only space that’s left is around the rubbish tip and I don’t want to be there. This is hardly a welcome site to greet visitors, locals and boaters alike, apart from the serious health and environment issues.”

Ward councillor Tom Balmain has vowed to look into getting the rubbish cleared.

He said: “I will have a word with Wyre Council about what we can do.”

A Wyre Council spokeswoman said the council could step in it if it became a public health risk.

A spokesman for the Canal River Trust said: “We need to get someone in to clear the site. We are the victims of what seems to be fly-tipping going on here.”

The Trust is looking to secure the rubbish area to prevent access by tippers and allow boat users access.