Conviction appeal in bottle murder case

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A man who was jailed for the murder of a dad-of-two has applied to appeal his conviction.

Ashley Charles, 26, was convicted of the murder of Phillip Sherriff in November and jailed for 14 years.

Phillip, 37, from Scorton, was slashed with a broken bottle after jostling with media executive Charles at an event in London, attended by celebrities, including the singer Jessie J, on April 4 last year.

Phillip’s carotid artery and jugular vein were severed by the blow and he died in hospital four days later.

Charles, of Nevanthon Road, Leicester, denied the charge, claiming he acted in self-defence.

But Judge Paul Worsley said Charles killed Mr Sherriff because he was annoyed.

Phillip’s widow, Jane, said: “I knew it was coming –he has got the right to appeal.

“It is only in the first stages, it is an application for an appeal.

“But it has really knocked me. I feel like the weight that had been lifted is right back on my shoulders.”

She added: “I had thought ‘this is 2013’ lets do it’, but by the seventh day I had been knocked back again.”

Jane was contacted by the Met Police to be made aware of the appeal application on Monday of last week.

Last week marked nine months since Phillip died.

Jane said she is “exhausted” and said that the situation is “relentless.”

Following Phillip’s death, Jane, launched a campaign called Bottle Stop. The aim of the campaign is for late night clubs and bars to use plastic instead of glasses.

Since the campaign was launched a petition that was running alongside it received enough signatures to go before Parliament.

Before Christmas Jane travelled with her supporters to Downing Street to hand over the petition.

A Facebook page documenting the campaign has also been set up.

Jane said that for the moment she is taking a back step from Bottle Stop.

Charles’ Barrister, Andrew Hall QC, was unavailable for comment.