Council worker in dole fraud

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A council employee was put under surveillance when she was suspected of cheating the taxpayer.

Officers from the DWP followed mum-of-two Anita Cockbain as she worked at Wyre Council.

They discovered that rather than struggling to walk 50 yards in over five minutes using walking aids, the 43-year -old went at a rapid pace to buy sandwiches and coffee during her break from work.

Cockbain, of Kingston Close, Knott End, admitted two offences of fraud over her claims for Disabled Living Allowance – not telling the DWP her medical condition had improved. She also admitted two offences of failing to tell Wyre Council – her employer at the time – of a change in her circumstances which would have affected her claims for housing and council tax benefits.

Adrian Hollamby, prosecuting, said that as a result of her cheating Cockbain had been overpaid £11,937.

She was given a four-month curfew and ordered to pay £160 costs.