Delay on Grunshaw allegations decision

In limbo: The long wait goes on for Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
In limbo: The long wait goes on for Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
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Fresh evidence has emerged to delay even further a decision on the future of Lancashire’s police boss Clive Grunshaw.

Lawyers at the Crown Prosecution Service in London say they have now received additional information which has to be assessed before they can decide if the former Wyre and county councillor will be charged with fiddling his expenses.

Mr Grunshaw, who has continued to carry out his duties as Crime and Police Commissioner despite the on-going investigation, was hoping the CPS would have ruled on the allegations by now.

But the new material is likely to mean further delays to a highly-publicised inquiry which has already been underway for more than 10 months.

Only recently Mr Grunshaw said he was eager to see the probe resolved “as soon as possible.”

He added: “I am confident I have done nothing wrong and I will not be charged.”

But instead of reaching a decision, the Crown lawyers have now issued a short statement, which says: “The CPS has received additional evidence from the Independent Police Complaints Commission in relation to the allegations against Clive Grunshaw, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire.

“We are currently reviewing this to determine whether or not criminal charges should be brought.”

Former milkman Mr Grunshaw is approaching the first anniversary of his appointment as PCC.

Yet for most of that inaugural year he has been under a cloud of suspicion following allegations he “double charged” expenses totalling more than £1,500 while he was a county councillor and also a member of the Lancashire Police Authority.

The amounts relate to 23 trips to Preston from his Fleetwood home for meetings of both authorities.