Just txt if u want 999

Message service: Chief Supt Bob Eastwood
Message service: Chief Supt Bob Eastwood

People across Lancashire who cannot make voice calls are being urged to register to use an emergency 999 SMS text message service to contact the police, ambulance service, fire and rescue or coastguard.

Chief Supt Bob Eastwood said: “It’s important that everybody across Lancashire can contact the police in an emergency.

“Since we started the emergency SMS service in 2009 hundreds of real emergency calls have been successfully handled.

“Criminals have been arrested, lives have been saved and babies have been born safely.

“The 999 number is much easier for people to remember, which is vital in an emergency.

“If anybody thinks they may need to use the service in the future they must remember to register beforehand. It takes two minutes, but could make a real difference.

“However, I would remind people that this should only be used in a real emergency.”

Since September 2009, the emergency SMS service has been available to people across the county who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have a speech problem.

It has used a number unique to Lancashire Constabulary but now people can text the national 999 number.

The old Lancashire number is no longer in use.

If you want to use this new service you have to register first. Send a text with the word “register” to 999 and you will get a reply. Then follow the instructions you are sent.

Once you have registered you can text the number if you’re ever in an emergency.

To find out more about this service visit www.emergencysms.org.uk.