MP supports widow’s bid for ‘bottle ban’

Bottle campaign: Jane Sherriff  with children Rowan, five and Megan, eight
Bottle campaign: Jane Sherriff with children Rowan, five and Megan, eight

MP Eric Ollerenshaw has backed the campaign for bottles to be barred late at night at pubs and night clubs following the death earlier this year of Scorton man Phil Sherriff after an incident at a London club.

Mr Sherriff, 37, died as a result of his injuries - prompting his widow Jane to launch a campaign to prevent late night pubs and clubs serving drinks in glass bottles.

Her MP, Mr Ollerenshaw, has met with her to discuss the campaign and has now lent his backing to the ‘bottle stop’ bid.

The Conservative politician said many pubs and night clubs already operated the kind of policy Jane wanted which he believes can be extended and applied in all late night pubs and night clubs after a certain time.

He said: “No one wants to see nanny-statism take hold, but as so many clubs already doing what Mrs Sherriff wants to see, with minimal disruption, it seems something can be done here to help prevent serious injuries and deaths in future.”.

Mr Ollerenshaw, MP for the Lancaster and Fleetwood constituency, which includes Scorton, said he had already discussed the matter with fellow MP Ian Lucas who has had a smiliar issue raised with him by a constituent after a glassing incident in which a young man was scarred for life.

Mr Lucas has already raised awareness in parliament of the potential problems of glass bottles in pubs and night clubs late at night.

He has used the Commons’ 10-minute rule to introduce his Plastic Glasses and Bottles (Mandatory Use) motion to draw the attention of MPs and the wider public to the problems.

Last month the Courier reported how Mrs Sherriff has set up a Facebook page promoting her campaign.

It has been re-tweeted on Twitter by celebrities including John Bishop, Stephen Fry and Zoe Ball, and supported on Facebook by Jason Manford.

This week the Facebook page has more than 42,000 ‘likes’ while the on-line petition has reached more than 60,000 signatures.

Jane wants to see 100,000 people sign the petition, a figure which would prompt the government to consider the issue.

She said: “Once it has gone past 11pm, which is the time I am asking for, people don’t care whether they are drinking out of glass or plastic.

“It’s a case of a couple of pence more per bottle - that is all the plastic is, compared to glass.

“It wouldn’t be an inconvenience for people.

“If it saves just one life it has to be worth it,” said Jane, who works as an events co-ordinator for a photographic company working in Galgate and Burton in Kendal.

Mr Ollerenshaw has called on Courier readers to find out more about Jane’s campaign by visiting www.facebook.come/bottlestopnow or