Police road safety results

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A road safety campaign focusing on the roads around Wyre, Lancaster and Morecambe resulted in 818 road users being stopped during October and November.

Operation Bramble ran from Tuesday October 1 to Saturday November 30, with the aim of reducing the number of casualties, particularly among vulnerable road users.

Police officers were educating road users and increased their enforcement efforts on a number of target roads in the area including A586 between Garstang and Poulton and the A6 around Wyre.

Police extended the campaign after noting a year on year rise in serious injury accidents on the 10 target roads in October.

Sgt Nigel Ralphson of Lancaster Police’s Road Policing Unit, said; “While I will want us to do better, so we can make Lancashire’s roads even safer, I am pleased with the overall results we have achieved over the last two months.

“In particular, I am very happy that, since my last appeal to motorists, the number of motorists we have had to speak to for not wearing their seatbelt or for using their mobile while driving has fallen dramatically. The end result is that they have made Lancashire’s roads safer for both themselves and others.”