Teeth whitening case reopened

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A beautician told to pay out nearly £3,500 after she was prosecuted for illegally whitening teeth is to have her case reopened.

Hayley Wilding, 25, of Field House Lane, Pilling, failed to attend a hearing at Lancaster Magistrates’ Court and was proved guilty in her absence of unlawfully practising dentistry and carrying on the business of dentistry during her time working at Vanity Salon in Ullswater Road, Lancaster, last year.

However, she says she had been unaware of the General Dental Council prosecution, as she had moved home in November and not received any letters from the court.

The beautician said she completed what she was led to believe was a legally certified tooth whitening training course and had only found out about the court case and fines in the press.

She said: “I’ve been doing teeth whitening since last February, after I did a three-day course with a company in Cardiff. It cost £400.

“When this came out, the company reassured me that as long as I use non-peroxide products it’s perfectly legal.

“It’s so confusing. I just feel stupid and embarrassed and I feel like a criminal. If it’s the case that it’s illegal then they have just taken my money.”

A GDC spokesman said attending a tooth whitening training course does not in itself allow an individual to legally provide tooth whitening and that the type of peroxide used was irrelevant.

The spokesman confirmed Miss Wilding had signed a statutory declaration at the court and the case would now be reopened. The outcome of the first hearing will be suspended.