Unlocked cars prove tempting for thieves

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Five seconds is all it takes to steal your valuables from an unlocked car – that’s the message from Lancashire Constabulary as they launch an awareness campaign to encourage motorists to lock up.

In 2012 2,252 unlocked cars were targeted by thieves in Lancashire. This is 25.7 per cent of the 8,748 vehicle crimes reported across the county.

Officers will be speaking to car owners to highlight the consequences of not locking their vehicles and postcards are being distributed to residents to remind them to lock up.

Chief Insp Steve Sansbury said: “It is alarming that so many people leave their car unlocked. Unlocked cars are easy targets for car criminals. If a passing thief sees something that may be of value inside a car, they will take their chances – especially if people make it easy for them by leaving their car unlocked.

“Motorists also need to be aware that some insurance companies may not pay out for claims when the vehicle has been left insecure – they risk losing not only their car but also being forced to pay for a new one and higher premiums in the future.”