Data tags bid to beat farm thefts

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Police are urging farmers to join in a scheme to reduce the thefts of tractors, quad bikes and other agricultural equipment.

Garstang PC Dave Kerfoot said that thefts of tractors rose steadily up until 2011, whereby the use of data tagging slowed the theft.

“Basically, this acts like a registration document for tractors and plant equipment,” he explained.

“It has a lot of advantages which are likely to help prevent your vehicles being stolen, or failing that, will give us a fighting chance of reuniting you with the equipment if it is stolen.

“Most new tractors and JCBs are fitted with this system, however, tractors manufactured between 2005-2010 usually aren’t, and are still valuable to thieves for stealing and then exporting them to Africa and Eastern European countries.”

Data tagging is a one-off payment of around £100-120 – whereas a tracker system will be around £400 with a £100 annual payment on top of that. “If we can get a minimum of 15 farmers interested in getting their tractors or plant equipment tagged up, we can organise a day where Datatag and Tracker technicians can come along to do them in one big hit at a central location – with possible savings,” said PC Kerfoot.

“The more interested parties we can get together, the more savings we will make.

“Not only might you save on the initial outlay, but NFU Mutual already offer a 12.5% discount on insurance for items fitted with the CESAR (Construction and Agricultural Equipment and Registration) marking.

“If you are interested, email me at, or dave Edwards at and we will co-ordinate setting something up in our area for this. Include your contact details and how many items you want to tag.

“The website for CESAR is and one of the nearest dealership specialising this appears to be in Longridge.”