Don’t let the fear of failure cripple you

Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.
Ryan Donohue, owner of Fitness Formation.
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Icing the kicker. A term commonly used in American Football. “Icing the kicker” is where the opposition coach calls a time out right before the snap of the ball.

It’s much the same as a goalkeeper approaching the penalty taker before they take it and telling them the ball isn’t placed correctly on the penalty spot. It is purposely done to put the kicker off the upcoming play.

It often has the opposite effect on the kicker. Research has shown there is a 75 per cent chance the kicker will score if they are left to kick without having their rhythm disrupted by a time out. There is a 77 per cent chance the kicker will score if a time out is called before the kick is taken.

The complete opposite outcome that the coach in question is wanting to achieve. It enhances the chances of success!

Why do coaches still insist on calling the play if they know it wont have the desired effect they are looking for? One simple reason. They are more fearful of doing nothing at all than they are of doing something to affect the outcome.

This is a great example of how decision making can be distorted by fear of making a mistake, which often leads to an even greater mistake. The opposition kicker scoring the game winning points.

The fear of failure can cripple some people. Starting a new career. Joining a new gym. Starting a business. The fear of failure needs to be in proportion with the actual chances of failing. In most cases, it isn’t. In most cases, you will achieve success.

Change your way of looking at things. Look at them from a different perspective. Ask yourself a couple of questions before you take action.

Firstly, how often does this situation arise and secondly, how often does it happen to others? There should be no fear of starting a new career. You’re likely doing it with good intentions and reasoning.

There should be no fear of walking in through the door of a new gym. The people within it are there to help you, and help you become better than you’ve ever been before.

Tell yourself that your fears will never arise. Prepare yourself for success. Not failure. Don’t let fear shape your decision making. You may be making a mistake if you do.