Education Sunday is marked by churches

Lucie and Matthew Atkinson with their scrapbooks at Bleasdale.
Lucie and Matthew Atkinson with their scrapbooks at Bleasdale.
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Innovation and imagination marked the way for at least two churches celebrating Education Sunday at the weekend, both of which are members of the Fellside Team of churches.

At St Eadmer’s Church, Bleasdale, Lucie and Matthew Atkinson gave a short presentation-address, explaining from their scrapbook, which they held up high, how the church and their primary school at Bleasdale blended and how busy and varied life was at Bleasdale CE Primary School.

The service was taken by the vicar of the Fellside team, the Rev Steve Cooper.

Meanwhile, at St Lawrence’s Church, Barton, the Sunday morning eucharist service was moved to St Lawrence’s CE Primary School.

The school choir sang special items and the headteacher, Julie Goodwin, and one of the pupils gave the readings. A presentation was also given by pupils on the prophet Malachi.

Administration of the sacrament was by Canon Ron Greenall, who took the service in the “Galilean method” - the way he had done on parish holidays to the Holy Land, ie people communicated each other and as well as the chalice and patten being passed around, so too were baskets of grapes for the unconfirmed youngsters among the throng to take from.

Besides St Eadmer and St Lawrence, the Fellside Team of churches includes St Hilda’s, Bilsborrow; St James, Whitechapel and St Mary and Virgin, Goosnargh.