Joy at best ever GCSE results

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Staff and pupils of Garstang Community Academy are celebrating another record-breaking set of GCSE results.

It is the ninth successive year that the school has had record breaking results.

And this year it was 
achieved despite widespread concerns about increased turbulence in the exam system.

Overall, 64 per cent of pupils achieved five A*-C passes (including English and maths), with 80 per cent making at least three levels progress in English, and 74 per cent making at least three 
levels progress in maths.

The following students attained a remarkable 8 A*/A grades: Louise Allott, George Briault, Mollie Cross, Hazel Dawson, Katie Dawson, Kestra Dawson, Lauren Hart, Sam Wareing, Alex Chamley & Alicia Price.

Headteacher Phil Birch was delighted with his pupils’ success: “These are simply the best GCSE results we’ve had in my time at Garstang,” he said.

“Not only am I proud of the achievements of each and every one of my students, but it is evident that these fabulous results are a reflection of the endeavour of our talented staff and supportive parents, who have enabled our young people to achieve individual excellence in spite of the country-wide exam turbulence.”


Thirteen passes – D Kelsall, M Meadows, D Nightingale.

Twelve passes – M Chippendale, O Etherington, A Gardner, J Knowles, S Tyson, J Whitaker, E Whittaker.

Ten passes – J Butler, M Butler, J Eccleston, D Jackson.

Nine passes – L Allott, G Briault, H Dawson, Katie Dawson, Kestra Dawson, L Hart, J Jones, M Knox, S Pomfret, E Smith, S Wareing, P Yarwood.

Eight passes – O Applegate, H Atkinson, T Baraka, J Billington, B Buksh, Jack Butler, G Carter, A Chamley, V Cookson, E Costain, E Couch, S Crook, L Crooke, A Cross, M Cross, Z Cross, C Dalton, E Duckworth, L Duffy, J Eccles, L Folwer, N Gallagher, E Hall, E Hancox, F Harman, R Heath, S Hofstetter, M Hurst, T C Jackson, H Kelsall, H Marshall, V Martin, J Mower, A Myers, L Pearson, G Piela-Kirby, A Price, G Procter, M Quinn, K Russell, D Rutherford, C Saul, E Sloane, A Smith, T Smith, S Taylor, S Walsh, K Woods.

Seven passes – A Allen, W Barber, N Brown, J Challioner, K Cragg, E Cross, A Cunliffe, A Curwen, L Curwen, J Davies, C Dixon, A Drinkwater, C Duff, M Gardner, M Grime, I Hands, A Hanlon, D Heginbotham, W Helme, J Hindle, J Ives, J Johnson, J Kelsall, L Mackenzie, A McKay, J Molloy-Mason, D Paine, H Payne, C Pickthall, A Procter, J Pye, O Rimmer, K Sharpe, M Shotter, C Sivertsen, Z Stoker, L Swift, M Tuer, D Taylor, K Underwood, A Wilson, L Wright.

Six passes – M Berry, R Carter, D Challenger, Z Dyer, K Greenwood, O Hargrave, T E Jackson, M Lawrenson, L McMullen, E Moat, M Pennington, A Simpson, R Young.

Five passes – D Long, L Metcalfe, R Thompson.

Four passes – E R Smith.

Two passes – L Jenkinson.