Kiddies enjoy getting out and about

What did the romans do for us?: Children dressed up as Romans at Bolton Museum
What did the romans do for us?: Children dressed up as Romans at Bolton Museum

Pupils from SS Mary Michael Catholic Primary School have been escaping their usual classroom environment to visit places in the north west offering interactive learning experiences.

Class Six reached new heights when they visited Lancaster Cathedral, climbing to the very top of the church tower to enjoy the spectacular views across Lancaster, as well as going behind the scenes to explore other areas not normally open to the public.

The visit was aimed at developing a greater understanding of different religions during the Year of Faith.

In order to bring history to life, Class Five pupils were able to see and touch genuine artefacts relating to their study period of the Romans. Welcoming a guest speaker into class from Bolton Museum outreach service, children dressed up as Romans, acting roles from the period of the Roman Empire.

Class Three, meanwhile, has been exploring the universe, enjoying the interactive experiences of the World Museum in Liverpool. Here children took on a journey through the solar system to help their understanding of the earth and space.

“Visits like this bring topic to life for children,” said headteacher Cathryn Wilkinson. “Unique and authentic experiences like this cannot always be offered in the classroom and we are always keen for children to get the best learning opportunities available. We are so lucky to have such a rich selection of well presented resources available in this region.”