Media savvy students make their thoughts on schools known to cabinet minister

Pupils working on the School Report project
Pupils working on the School Report project
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School pupils have given a government minister a ticking off over his plans to change the school day.

Members of the media club at Broughton Business and Enterprise College wrote to the Secretary of State Michael Gove after hearing about his plan to extend the school day.

The youngsters told him they already spent enough time at the Woodplumpton Lane school, and called for a re-think.

Although surprised, and pleased, to get a personal reply, the pupils weren’t too impressed with the minister’s response to their plea.

Harry Bradshaw, 12, said: “We did it because of a press conference which Gove was involved in, where he stated his ideas of an extended school day, but we argued that due to the fact that we already have over 50 extracurricular clubs run by over 30 members of staff with so many other opportunities for students to get involved, we think it is long enough already and there isn’t really any reason to make the school day longer.”

In his reply Mr Gove said: “It is always a pleasure to receive emails from bright young students who take a strong interest in education, and I was delighted to read about all the different clubs that Broughton College runs for its pupils.

“I am very grateful for the efforts of the teachers at your school to make sure that all these additional activities are available.”

He went onto say that he wanted all schools “to be given the opportunity to benefit from the excellent extended school day education that you and your fellow students enjoy.”

Pupils decided to use the letter as a basis for part of our entry in the BBC School Report project. A team of 16 pupils collated a range of local stories which they compiled for their website.