The Beats - best for drive safety

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Twenty-six 11 to 14 year old pupils from Longridge High School’s drama club highlighted issues of road safety as finalistsin a recent competition against seven other Lancashire schools.

The Beats contest for Key Stage 3 students saw them creating a 15-minute, four-scene play, Longridge’s focussing on the dangers young people face on the road from not wearing high visibility clothing to distracting the driver of a car.

“We had a conscience, in the form of an angel and devil, who tried to convince/persuade people to take the right and wrong actions in each scene,” explained drama teacher Billy Hunter, who runs the drama group each Wednesday after school.

“The Beats is a school based project to engage with older young people through co-creation, peer education and drama exploring road safety. It aims to influence young people’s attitudes and behaviours.”

Winner was Preston’s Our Lady’s Catholic High School, the project is by the county’s Safer Travel Team and judges were from the Lancashire’s constabulary, fire service and the county council.