‘Titanic’ passengers took to dance floor

Past time: Youngsters take part in Titanic tea dance
Past time: Youngsters take part in Titanic tea dance
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First class passengers on the Titanic (otherwise known as Class 3 at Cockerham CE Primary School) attended a formal tea dance in the Palm Court Café (school hall), before breaking up for half-term.

The children, who have been learning ballroom dancing over the past few weeks with Paula Boscott from Garstang School of Dance, were each allocated a passenger’s name and they attended the dance as that character.

The ladies all had dance cards, which the gentlemen completed as the afternoon went on, and ‘champagne’ and cakes were enjoyed by all.

The event was arranged by the school as part of a literacy unit of work, based on the tragedy of the Titanic.

The children had previously visited the Titanic exhibition at Liverpool Maritime Museum to bring their learning alive.

Much of the fund-raising for the trip was organised by the children themselves and has been ongoing since before Christmas.

This included making and selling chocolates, having a cake sale and holding a beetle drive.