Wilkommen Janna say GCSE students

Welcome: Year 11 students Joel Claxton (left) and Nye Morris (right) with Janna Ruiters
Welcome: Year 11 students Joel Claxton (left) and Nye Morris (right) with Janna Ruiters
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Students at St Aidan’s Church of England Technology College who are studing German took advantage of having a native German speaker in school this week to boost their speaking and listening skills.

Janna Ruiters, who is 15 and from Oberhausen, is in the Wyre area on a German exchange with a former St Aidan’s student Shannon Linnehan and is coming into school to experience what English high schools are like.

She said: “The secondary schools in Germany are very different, we don’t have to wear a uniform and there is much less technology used in the classrooms.

“We have computers in only one classroom and no interactive white boards.”

She has been spending time with Year 11 students who are about to take their GCSE speaking tests.

Janna said: “Speaking with a native speaker can really improve pronunciation and make the conversation more fluent. I have enjoyed being able to help.”

Director of modern foreign langauage Kelly Parkinson said: “It has been super having Janna in our department this week as it has really given our students the opportunity to improve both their listening and speaking skills. Janna has given presentations in German about her town and school which the students have really enjoyed listening to and this has really helped to improve their listening and translation skills.

“Our students have also had the opportunity to ask questions in German about her school life and family and learn more about the German culture and the school system which they have really enjoyed learning about. It has really bought the language to life for our student and given them the experience to put their language skills to the test.”

But the trip is not all work for Janna. She has spent time in Blackpool and has been to an ice hockey game. She is looking forward to doing some shopping but has not yet visited Blackpool Tower.