Eighty-acre solar farm proposed for Duchy land

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A solar farm could be built in a Lancashire village, generating enough electricity to power 4,000 homes.

Elgin Energy says it intends to submit an application to Wyre Council within the next four or five weeks to install some 60,000 solar panels in Bilsborrow .

An exhibition was held last Wednesday at Bilsborrow Village Hall to enable the public to ask questions about the ideas for the proposed 86-acre site, on Duchy of Lancaster owned land at Hallidays Farm, south of Moss Lane.

If approval for the 15 MWp solar farm is given the Duchy says current tenant Andy Walling will continue to use the site to graze sheep

the A previous consultation was held last year for an alternative site off St Michael’s Road, but flood investigations found the site could not be developed. Now new plans have been proposed, and it is anticipated the scheme, with a projected life-span of 25 years, will generate power to be exported to the national grid.

Mr Walling said: “I understand the benefits of a PV site in generating alternative energy and reducing carbon emissions in the area. Farming will continue on the land, with sheep grazing in the fields instead of maize crops during the summer months.”

Brock Coun Pete Murphy said:“Personally I don’t see any issue - I didn’t see an issue with the first plan. In the area there’s very little housing that could be interfered with, we could still use the land for agriculture and potentially they are talking about producing electricity for 4,000 homes.

And there’s a financial benefit for the area.I’m not pre-judging any application that’s going to come in, but from the previous one I would much rather have that than two or three enormous wind farms that don’t generate the energy as well.”