Elderly ‘missing out’ on financial support

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Local pensioners are not coming forward to get the financial support due to them, the Citizens Advice Bureau has said.

Longridge and Ribble Valley’s CAB manager Katy Marshall said this week: “It’s a modern day scandal – older people are missing out. We believe there is a serious problem, as many local pensioners are not coming forward for financial support that is due to them.

“A third of people entitled to it do not request any support from Pension Credit, and 40 per cent of pensioners entitled do not ask for support with Council Tax.

“The problem of under-using support has got much worse over the last 10 years. Older people who own their own home are twice as likely not to ask for assistance.”

Urging Longridge people to contact the CAB, she added: “Life is hard enough for those above working age without missing this support. We do not want people to suffer unnecessarily.

“We ask people to phone our adviser Catherine on 01200 427 336, so she can see if they are in receipt of what they are entitled to. “

Another entitlement often not claimed for is Attendance Allowance. It is extra money for people over 65 who are in poor health.

Ribble Valley CAB especially welcomes a call from anyone who is over 80 as they are likely to be entitled. No questions are asked about a person’s finances to get this additional support, as it only concerns health. There is no knock on effect to be concerned about, as it does not change other entitlements.

Lancashire County Council is supporting CAB and urges people to take advantage of the additional financial support available for the good of their health and their families.

Experienced CAB adviser Catherine, who has worked in Longridge for six years, would like to hear from anyone who thinks they may be missing out.

Katy Marshall added: “People find Catherine very helpful to talk to, she is friendly and knowledgeable and can usually see a way to improve the situation.”

She can also arrange home visits, and can be contacted at Ribble Valley CAB on 01200 427 336 on week days except for Wednesdays.