BREAKING: Water warning to last into next week

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A health warning issued after a parasite was found in the water supply in parts of Lancashire will remain in place until next week, United Utilities have said.

Residents were urged to boil their drinking water on Thursday after traces of the bug cryptosporidium – a microscopic parasite which can cause stomach cramps and diarrhoea - was found at Franklaw Water treatment plant in Catterall, near Garstang.

United Utilities bosses on Friday confirmed that the notice would be in place over the weekend and into next week.

Supermarkets are being cleared of bottled water following the find, with charities calling for help in providing bottled water.

Leaders at the Foxton Centre in Preston have asked for donations of water ahead of Saturday’s “Sat Caf”.

United Utilities have been advising customers via Twitter if they are ill or have medical issues to get in touch, to be provided with water.

They also said they had already been in contact, directly, with dialysis patients.

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BREAKING: Water warning to last into next week