Flood defences go up in Ribchester - residents watch and wait

The Environment Agency put up flood defences in Ribchester last night. Now residents can only watch and wait.

Tuesday, 19th January 2021, 12:02 pm
Landlord Liam Fairey pictured outside the Ribchester Arms after the last flood in February 2020

Greenside residents said they were grateful to have that defence as the water levels rose on both the river Ribble and local feeder streams.

It was in February last year that some properties on and around Greenside last flooded - then there were no defences up.

Prior to that Boxing Day 2015 saw the Ribchester Arms on Blackburn Road and some other local properties severely flooded.

This time Ribchester Arms landlord Liam Fairey is hoping new flood gates - installed on all doors and windows just before Christmas will keep the popular pub and restaurant premises dry.

He predicted it will be 5pm before the full impact of flooding is seen today - following high tide further down river at 3.30 pm. Speaking just after erecting his new floodgates, provided courtesy of Robinson's brewery he aid: "We're the bottom of the flood plain. As beautiful as the surroundings are we have to put up with the fact we are at the bottom of the valley. Water is only going to come in one direction."

But another resident said he believed local streams need dredging and the course of the Ribble needs to be changed.

Lancashire County Council workmen were out checking a road drain opposite the Ribchester Arms . Maintenance worker Stephen Howarth said he and his colleague were doing what they could to help Ribble Valley residents.

The Environment Agency representative said last night that he expected the defences to stay up in the village for several days.

At around 11 am another part of Ribblesdale Road had flooded.