Wildlife ‘threat’ prompts pressure group to restart

The turbine EHAG claims has shifted on its base
The turbine EHAG claims has shifted on its base
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An action group set up to fight the ‘twin towers’ wind turbines at Nateby has reformed after claiming planning conditions have been broken, putting wildlife at risk.

An action group spokeswoman also claimed that last week the first turbine, which had been under test, had twisted in strong winds and had been shut down.

“It has been turned off since last Wednesday night when there were 80mph gusts,” she said.

“We have had no option but to reform Eagland Hill Action Group (EHAG) to oversee that the planning conditions are followed correctly.

“The planning permission stated there should be no construction work between the end of March and the beginning of August, in order to allow protected birds to nest. But there has been pile driving going on this week.”

A spokeswoman for REG Windpower denied the turbine had shifted and said it was still under test.

She added construction work hadcontinued, after an ecologist found no birds nesting in the area.

When pressed about whether birds could be expected to nest when pile driving was going on, she said Wyre Council had been consulted. The company has also promised to replace any land affected by a recent crane fall. “We have taken prompt action and there is no significant contamination.”

A Wyre Council spokesman said the council was responsible for enforcing planning conditions, but the decision to do so depends on whether any harm is being caused.

“In this case, we have consulted with Natural England, the government’s advisor on the natural environment.

“Natural England has no objections to works currently being carried out at the site as it does not consider they will cause harm to wildlife,” she said.“Therefore there are no justifiable reasons to take any action at this stage.