Ex-Tory to fight under Ukip flag

Garstang UKIP candidate Simon Noble
Garstang UKIP candidate Simon Noble
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UKIP candidate Simon Noble has pledged to fight for rural issues if he is elected in the forthcoming county council elections.

r Noble is no stranger to County Hall, having been a Tory councillor for Garstang from 1993 to 2001.

“During my tenure I was heavily involved with the successful fight to prevent the construction of incinerators in Catterall. I was not afraid of upsetting County Hall as I took the attitude that I was elected to serve all the residents in my ward,” he said.

“There seems to have been an acceleration away from help for urban areas, exemplified by the atrocious state of the rural roads, which are riddled with potholes and yet at the same time we have seem vast sums spent on the 20mph signs in the urban areas,” said Mr Noble.

“Local government is a question of priorities. We are seeing so much of our nation’s finances sunk into the EU black hole on ludicrous schemes such as the subsidy given to Ford in Turkey to build a transit production plant, while Ford closed down the transit plant in the UK.

“While slashing services here the current coalition are happy to continue to dish out foreign aid to countries and continue with the unaudited transfer of more than £50m each day to the EU. National issues such as these are now relevant from a local perspective, as we are seeing local services suffer.

“Our local services will no doubt be further tested next year when we open our borders to unlimited numbers of people from Bulgaria and Romania, who, quite understandably, see better opportunities here.

“Some surveys suggest that the UK may experience an annual influx of 50,000, equivalent to the size of the population of Lancaster. Our doctors surgeries, schools and hospitals are all ready under significant strain and do not need further sudden increased demand.

“I hope the presence of Ukip at our street stalls in Garstang high street on the various Saturdays during the last year will demonstrate my long term commitment to the town and surrounding areas and look forward to an active campaign in the coming weeks, hopefully capitalising on the success of Ukip nationally.”