Fairtrade for free

FAIRTRADE Fortnight continues in Garstang this week, with Garstang Methodist Church offering free samples of Fairtrade products to help townsfolk and visitors reflect on how you can help ‘save lives’ simply through your shopping habits.

The church’s cafe, Wesley’s, open from 10am till 2pm on Thursday March 8 to Saturday March 10, and as part of the fairtrade celebrations, anyone who brings in a copy of THIS article during those times, will be able to claim a free Faitrade drink with any item of food they purchase.

Church minister Rev Keith Borwick said: “If you have never tried a Fairtrade tea or coffee recently then you have nothing to lose - and some of the poorest people of the world have much they could gain.

“While you are in Wesley’s you could also order your Fairtrade Easter Egg from our Mustard Seed Shop.

“On Saturday March 10 from 10am to noon Wesley’s will also have a Fairtrade cack stall where home baked cakes will contain at least one Fairtrade product.

“Fair Trade products are available every day we are open during the year. Why not give them a try and ask the people behind the stall for a recipe.’’