Fairtrade pleased at public support

Flashback to 2001: the early days of Fairtrade in Garstang
Flashback to 2001: the early days of Fairtrade in Garstang

Garstang’s Fairtraders are in buoyant mood following a survey around the town which shows strong awareness of the movement, its logo and what it stands for.

Over the summer the Fairtrade steering committee carried out the survey of opinions among shoppers and visitors.

The results revealed a strong awareness of the logo and of the relevance of Fairtrade to farmers and producers in the developing world.

More than 200 people of all ages were included in the survey, 150 were local to Garstang and 54 were from outside the area.

Press spokesman Michael Tempan said 93% of those surveyed recognised the Fairtrade logo and knew that it would give a better deal to third world producers. In addition, 62% made a positive decision to buy Fairtrade products whenever possible.

Among those visiting Garstang, 72% knew of Garstang as the world’s first Fairtrade town.

However, only 18% of the local people could name New Koforidua as the link town in Ghana, although 62% believed the link provided definite benefits to Garstang.

The question about the causes of world poverty resulted in 55% of interviewees placing corruption in government in developing countries as the main cause.

Mr Tempan said: “This is precisely where Fairtrade is beneficial since the Fairtrade premium goes directly to the producers and not through government coffers.”

The next most common response was overpopulation, given by 22%. Other people gave issues such as unfair trade or conflict as the main cause of poverty in developing countries.

A total of 66% of residents did not believe the western world is doing enough to end global poverty.