Fined for illegal waste dumping

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A BARTON man has been fined after his firm illegally dumped hazardous waste.

David Anthony Rodrigues, 46, of Barton Lane, Barton, a director of A and D Drains Service Limited, has been landed with a bill of almost £56,000 for illegally dumping the waste down drains.

He was sentenced at Preston Crown Court last week, following an earlier guilty plea to eight charges.

A and D Drains, based in Longridge, was a main player in Lancashire for the collection and disposal of waste from petrol forecourts.

The charges followed an investigation by United Utilities’ specialist trade effluent inspectors, who found the firm was not discharging its collected wastes at a number of pre-authorised facilities, but into the public sewers.

The liquids disposed of included hazardous and non-hazardous wastes from septic tanks, petrol From Page 1

stations, and industrial sites.

The company also pleaded guilty to charges of creating false paperwork to cover up its illegal actions.

Jennie Frieze, prosecuting for the Environment Agency (EA) said: “This is the first case of this kind prosecuted by the Environment Agency in the North West, and the sentencing reflects the seriousness of the waste crimes.

“The scale of the illegal activity in this case was unprecedented.

“What we thought to be one illegal disposal of waste, led us to prosecute of 296 illegal disposals of liquid wastes.’’

The court imposed a £15,900 confiscation order under the Proceeds of Crime Act, and Rodrigues was ordered to pay combined fines of £40,000, which included £22,000 costs to the EA and a £15 victim surcharge.

He was told in court he must pay up within 12-months, or face 12-months in jail.