Fire on town skate park is caught on camera

Fire at skatepark YMCA
Fire at skatepark YMCA

Reader and keen photographer Michael Roberts was out for a bicycle ride when he noticed smoke billowing across the Garstang skyline.

The fire, on the town’s skate park, off Windsor Road, was just a few feet from Garstang Leisure Centre.

The fire brigade was called to put out the bin fire and for Retained Firefighter Sammie Stuart, who is also a fitness instructor and lifeguard at Garstang’s Leisure Centre and YMCA Swimming Pool, the call-out meant an unexpected return to her main place of work.

A fire brigade spokesman said it was not known what caused the fire or whether it was accidental. The blaze on Sunday evening also damaged hedging and singed the adjoining seating shelter.

A Wyre Council spokeswoman said the bin would be replaced and the council would ensure the damaged area is made safe.