Firm’s collapse hits new father

A former worker at a concrete firm in Wyre say staff are counting the cost of the company’s demise.

Friday, 12th July 2013, 1:49 pm
Simon Hall with fiance Emma and baby son Jaxon

Dura-Lite of Holmefield Works, Garstang Road, Pilling, has gone into liquidation.

Now one former employee and new dad Simon Hall fears he will not get the full amount of money owed in wages for his last weeks in the job.

The news of the company’s plight took workers by surprise, says Simon. The 31-year-old has since found a new job as a care worker in Garstang, but he is still smarting over his lost earnings.

He said: “I have had information from the insolvency service that all I will receive for a whole month’s wage is £150, which is apparently one week’s pay.

“I should have been due £1,200. I feel that this is a disgraceful situation.”

Simon said in effect, he feels staff worked for the last month like volunteers.

“If was aware that as employees of Dura-lite Limited we would be classed as “volunteers” I would not have got out of bed each morning to travel 45 minutes each way all weather on my motorbike to work eight hours a day lumping concrete around. I would much rather have spent my time with my baby boy. I went to work in order to provide for my son’s upkeep and take pride in the fact that I work for a living.”

Simon added that in the middle of all the upset there had been one event that stood out - the baptism of their son x: “His Christening day was a day of joy in the middle of all this stress and upset, we have a fantastic family and great friends who all came together to help us with a lovely day.”

Hi partner Emma Gilliver, 29, added that as she understood it the company could still trade after making voluntary arrangements, but didn’t tell the workers about its difficulties. She said with a young baby the lost week’s wages was a blow they could not afford.

Dura-lite closed at the end of April, but had sought to make what are known as “voluntary arrangements” last December. A liquidator was appointed in May 28, the voluntary agreement completed on May 29 and the creditors wind-up took place in June.

Liquidators BWC in Leeds declined to comment.