Fracking sites earmarked on our doorstep

Possible fracking areas
Possible fracking areas
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Cockerham, Forton and 
Dolphinholme are just some of the places earmarked as potential fracking sites.

It comes after the government announced it is granting fracking exploration licences for more local areas.

There are opposers but I don’t go along with all the scare stories from America

Val Wilson, councillor for Wyresdale

Val Wilson, conservative councillor for Wyresdale, said: “If it can be proved to be safe then it could be beneficial for the future of the area.”

She said: “There are opposers but I don’t go along with all the scare stories from America. We need to find new sources of energy and if this can be proved to be safe then there’s no reason why we shouldn’t explore it.

“Our children are going to need energy in the future and this is a potential solution.”

The Department of Energy and Climate Change last week announced the second part of the 14th round of granting petroleum exploration and development licenses.

On the maps of the areas, Block 45 and 55 covers Cockerham, Forton and Dolphinholme which is part of a habitat consultation which runs until September 29.

No licenses have yet been allocated but will be on offer to the oil and gas industry later this year.

Longridge and towns to the east are also included as potential areas for exploration work.

Frack Free Lancashire, an alliance of more than 40 groups, claimed victory against fracking company Cuadrilla when they helped persuade Lancashire County Council to turn down two planning applications in Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood in June on grounds of spoiling local countryside, noise pollution and traffic problems.

One of the traffic problems cited by councillors was the plan to route lorries from the Roseacre Wood site through the village of Broughton.

Broughton residents protested that there are already serious traffic problems in the area, and large HGVs have been known to get stuck at the crossroads in the village.

Caudrilla has announced that it will apeal against Lancashire County Council’s rejection of its Little Plumpton and Roseacre Wood sites.

A public consultation into the latest round of fracking licenses is taking place and runs until September 29 in the areas affected by the fracking.

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