Garstang garage blaze drama


A GARAGE, shed and fence panels were damaged in a blaze affecting two neighbouring Garstang homes in the early hours of last Wednesday morning.

The fire is thought to have started by spontaneous combustion after a brush which had been used to paint flammable wood preserver on a fence had been put away in a storage box.

The previous week’s hot weather is thought to have added to the heat in the box.

The fire, in the box in the garden of a property on Windsor Road, spread to a fence and then to the roof of the garage/shed of a neighbouring property on Moss Lane, home of Peter and Mary Thornber.

Mrs Thornber, said: “A passing taxi driver woke us up about 12.40am, after he had rung the fire brigade.”

The incident was attended by Garstang and Lancaster fire crews.

The incident destroyed the storage box as well as part of the garage/shed roof and some of the building’s contents.

Mrs Thornber, who is well known in Garstang as chairman of the town’s Arts Centre, said: “The fire brigade were great and soon had it all out.

“We were glad to see them. It was very frightening.”

She added she would like to thank the fire crews and the taxi driver who woke them.