Garstang MP’s plea for motorsports

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GET ready for ‘Grand Prix Garstang’.

Wyre’s MP wants to see more TT-style motorsports hosted on British roads.

MP Ben Wallace MP has secured government agreement for possible new laws which will make it easier for local councils to suspend normal road speeds and rights of way for racing.

Following a plea in the House of Commons by Mr Wallace, Transport Minister Mike Penning has agreed a three month consultation which could pave the way for laws that would make motorsports competitions a reality on public highways around Britain.

If approved it could bring Monte Carlo and Isle of Man TT-style races to the roads of mainland Britain.

Mr Wallace told the Commons: “What is wrong with motor sport? Nothing, except that we could do more for it.

“We could do more to allow events to take place. The problem in England and Wales is that if we want more events, and more diverse events, to take place, we cannot use the roads and highways in the same way as the Isle of Man or Northern Ireland.”

After the government’s indication of support and plans for consultation Mr Wallace said: “I am delighted that finally after many years of wishful thinking we will be able to see great competition and the best of British sports all over the country. Hopefully, rallies, hill climbs and F1 road races will all be possible.”

He added: “Motor sport is often left behind in the great sports debate. The first few sports pages of our newspapers are often taken up by football, even when the teams are full of overseas players, managed by overseas managers, owned by overseas owners and, often, languishing in the bottom of divisions after millions of pounds spent.”

He added that locally, many engineers in the motorsports industry had been trained at Myerscough College.

He said he did not want to see motorsports being imposed on communities but added: “It is about places with rarely used lanes and roads, which desperately need inward investment, tourism or to kick-start the season, perhaps, at unfashionable times of the year. Let us empower our local authorities to do that.”