Garstang tip reprieve hopes dashed


HOPES for a last minute re-think by county chiefs on their decision to close Garstang’s tip have been dashed - on the eve of Christmas.

A special meeting of Lancashire County Council’s scrutiny committee was convened yesterday after five county councillors queried if all the procedures leading up to the closure decision had been properly carried out.

The meeting heard from representatives of the four communities in Lancashire where the axe is due to fall on household waste/recycling depots next year, including Save Tip in Garstang (STING) leader Mr Robert Lobell.

But councillors voted against a call-in of the decison.

That means unless a private operator manages to negotiate a takeover of the tip - as suggested by Wyre Coun Roger Brooks - the waste centre as a county-run service will close in March.

* Full story - along with claims of a hate campaign against County Coun Albert Atkinson - the man responsible for the tip closure decision - in next week’s Garstang Courier (out Wednesday, December 28, 2011)