Garstang Town Council to launch Facebook page?

Garstang Mayor Coun Peter Ryder
Garstang Mayor Coun Peter Ryder

Three media-savvy councillors want Garstang town council to enter the Facebook age.

Mayor Peter Ryder, deputy mayor Leah Hynes and Cllr Liz Webster are keen to see the council utilise the social media platform.

Last year the council decided not to have a Facebook page, but to review the situation this year.

It is understood that there were differing opinions within the council’s membership at that time, and that as well as open discussion, some councillors voiced their opinions in certain internal emails, one of which is reliably understood to have mentioned at least one regular contributor to the Your Garstang Facebook page.

Now though things may be changing, with a town council Facebook page possibly on the way soon.

If it does go ahead it will be linked to - and encourage traffic to the council’s website - which the council believes is its “most important asset.”

It was the asset which has not, as yet, publicised Cllr Graham Salisbury’s sketch plans for the Garstang scout and guide hq. The sketch plans of which were only made public this weekend as a result of media investigations.

A review into having or not having a Facebook page is now under way and will come up for debate at Monday’s meeting of Garstang town council.

Cllrs Ryder, Hynes and Webster have agreed to assist town clerk Mrs Edwina Parry in setting up and managing the platform.

The agenda suggests the idea might even help the council gain a local council award scheme by promoting “community engagement, council activities and the promotion of democratic processes in an annual report, online material and regular news bulletins.”

In the view of some the idea of having a town council Fb page is a brave one, given the potential for controversy on many local issues.

Others feel it is a step forward and could indeed promote community engagement.