Going, going, gone … and it’s farewell to The Pickerings

The Pickerings
The Pickerings
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Recent days saw the loss of a much loved local landmark.

Amongst former owners of The Pickerings in Catterall was The Rev George Boys Stones, the first Vicar of Garstang St. Thomas’s - and in his retirement Rural Dean of Garstang from 1916 to his death in 1923.

His daughter sent the postcard (pictured) just a hundred years ago saying: “This is the house father and mother are going to”.

Rev. Boys was left Catterall Cottage, as The Pickerings was then known, by his Aunty Margaret Boys, After continuing as a private house for many years it became a hotel in the late 1970s, finally shutting its doors nearly two years ago.

Former VIP guests welcomed to this splendid country house included members of the Royal Family, prominent sportsmen including golfers competing at the Royal Open at Lytham and prominent industrialists and politicians.

Rotary, Inner Wheel, Masonic and other organisations used it for some of their meetings over the years as did countless couples for their wedding, silver wedding and golden wedding receptions as well as for private dining.

As revealed above - the clerical connection with a former colleague of mine who, like me, was once both Vicar of Garstang St. Thomas’ and Rural Dean of Garstang meant I was determined to get the final shots of the demolition of the main structure which I am sharing with Courier readers.

The site is now to be developed for housing.

Perhaps you have some stories of events there to share with our readers? Do let me know if you have via garstang.courier@jpress.co.uk