Grandmas pitch camp as the battle against fracking looms

Anti-fracking protesters have stolen a march on opponents by occupying a field adjacent to a site which could be fracked for gas.

Friday, 15th August 2014, 3:03 pm
Anti-fracking protestors who have set up camp at a field of Preston New Road, due to be drilled to test for shale gas.

Grandmas from groups across the Fylde, Preston, Longridge and Garstang have set up camp off Preston New Road close to the World of Water Aquatic Centre near Peel in what has been called “Nanagate”.

They aim to stay on the field for the forseeable future.

A planned Reclaim the Power protest is set to arrive somewhere in the area tomorrow, lasting until August 20, which could see up to 1,000 anti-fracking “protectors” (as they prefer to be known) arriving from around the country, including people who took part in the Balcombe and Salford protest camps.

The “Nanagate” contingency, members of which are dressed in pinafores and headscarves to signify they are mothers and grandmothers concerned about issues surrounding fracking, arrived on the field last Wednesday, August 6 at 5am.

Fracking is the process of injecting water and chemicals at high pressure into shale rock deep beneath the surface to release gas.

Longridge grandmother of six, Maggie Hartley who is one of the founder members of Longridge Against Fracking, said members are fully supporting “Nanagate” each day.

She said: “The battle against fracking is time consuming and anxiety inducing and not the way I was intending to spend my retirement, but myself and the rest of the grannies are determined and fully committed to continue our fight for as long as it takes.

“Fracking is ‘poisoning people for profit’ and the mums and grandmas are not having it. There is a saying ‘never upset a grandma’ and they are upsetting lots of us, so beware,” adding more information is available by searching the internet for ‘Longridge Against Fracking’.