Half a metre of rain fell in two months at Chipping

Chipping rain graph for Jan 1969 - Oct 2017
Chipping rain graph for Jan 1969 - Oct 2017
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Half a metre - or 19.7 inches - of rain fell in September and October.

So says Muriel Lord, weather recorder for the Met Office, from her Chipping base.

She said: “I wondered if readers would be interested in a update on the incredible amount if rainfall we’ve had recently.

“The Longridge News put in the report I sent early October, but there’s been no let up since then.

“The combined total for just September and October was 500.8mm, half a metre or 19.7 inches.

“And all that rain fell on top of ground already saturated after the wet summer.”

Mrs Lord says the total for the year so far is 1552.2mm, far above the annual average of 1468.5mm.

“The pictured chart-graph gives a good impression of this thoroughly wet late summer and autumn,” she added.

The chart shows this year’s rainfall compared to the average-maximum-minimum rainfall for each month of the year from 1969 through to 2017.

In September, Mrs Lord reported: “It has been a very wet summer through June, July and August, and it was the seventh wettest summer in the last 48 years.

“Most of the very wet summers have occurred since the late 1990s.

“But after the very wet winter months, the settled dry sunny weather in late April and May was welcome.”