New info service to aid cancer sufferers

Help: Macmillan Cancer information and support manager Catherine Davies
Help: Macmillan Cancer information and support manager Catherine Davies

A new information service has been launched by a local hospital trust to support cancer patients during their diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

This new service, unveiled by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is an information library hosted on the NHS Choices website called the Information Prescription Service (IPS).

It contains information from health care professionals and cancer patient organisations on more than 200 long-term medical conditions, support services and treatment options to help patients manage their health more effectively.

Patients can now work alongside their medical professional to select the information they want to be printed or e-mailed to them, some of which is in the form of video clips and extracts from more lengthy documents.

Macmillan Cancer information and support manager, Catherine Davies said: “There is lots of information on cancer in the public domain which can often confuse or overload the patient. I would often find myself selecting certain sections for them to read from some of the leaflets we hold here in the hospital.

“But the Information Prescription Service allows me to build my own information package for patients, personalising it so it only focuses on the issues which are important to them.

“This could be basic information that is specific to their condition like medication and treatment, or specialist information.

“It even provides practical information that will help patients day to day such as details on financial support, local travel listings or emotional support groups.

“Patients have been impressed so far and found the information very helpful.”

To date, there are 90 partners involved and an increasing number of local health organisations are submitting content into the system. To find out more please visit the website