Help for the helpers at county food banks

Coun David Borrow
Coun David Borrow
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Seven food banks across Lancashire have been granted cash help from the county council as part of an on-going support programme.

County Hall deputy leader Coun David Borrow is to authorise funding worth a total of £16,500 to the charities to help cover their work during the first part of 2015/16.

In the last financial year the grants paid out to eight food banks amounted to £66,000 and is expected to remain at a similar level during the next 12 months.

Amongst those to benefit are the Living Waters Storehouse in Chorley which received £5,000 last year. The Olive Branch (Faith in Action) food bank in Lancaster is also to get help. Community Solutions North West, which has food banks in six areas of the county, is to get £7,000 on top of £35,000 last year.