Hero Alfie teachs classmates about what to do in an emergency at home

Alfie (front row centre) with headteacher Julie Goodwin and classmates
Alfie (front row centre) with headteacher Julie Goodwin and classmates

Lifesaver Alfie Callaghan is top of the class.

The seven-year-old Barton schoolboy was hailed a hero after getting emergency aid for his mum when she fell ill at home in Preston.

Now he is planning to pass on his skills to classmates at Barton St Lawrence CE School.

Alfie lives with his mum Rachelle and between them they have a special plan for dealing with potential emergencies, which Alfie had to put into practice when Rachelle fell ill recently.

She said: “By the front door we have a sign up that has on it our address and a list of emergency contacts.

“I regularly go through this with Alfie and explain that if for any reason Mummy is ill or doesn’t wake up, that he is to call 999 and tell them his name age and address, and what has happened.

“He is aware that he is to contact a family member also.

“What Alfie and I are now trying to do is to get all the children at his school to do the same.”

Alfie has recently been elected as his class representative on the school council. With support from teachers he is aiming to start a campaign to educate children in the basics of what to do in an emergency. Headteacher Julie Goodwin said the school was very proud of him.