June target date for recycling centre to open

Photo: David Hurst County Councillor Sandra Perkins at the site of the former tip.
Photo: David Hurst County Councillor Sandra Perkins at the site of the former tip.

The eyes of the county will be on Garstang’s new style recycling centre when it opens in the summer.

For the pilot project could be the first of many across the county if Garstang proves it is a workable option.

Lancashire County Council has just released more details about the centre, due to open on the site of the closed local tip / Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) on Brockholes Way at Claughton on Brock and its financing.

A pledge to reopen the tip was the keystone of independent County Councillor Sandra Perkin’s successful candidacy at the last local elections.

Now the Labour run County Council has given the formal go-ahead for a Community Recycling and Re-use Centre (CRRC) which, as previously reported in the Courier, will be run in partnership between the council and a local charity which reconditions and sells used goods.It says it has now identified three local charities which are already working in Wyre and could provide the recycling, refurbishment and reuse element of the facility.

A spokesman said:”The council will now work towards appointing one of the organisations as its partner for the duration of the trial. The other elements of the facility will be operated by the council’s own waste management service.”

The county council says it will use the trial to establish whether “the model of partnership with community organisations is effective and affordable, and could be replicated elsewhere in Lancashire.”

The estimated set-up costs of around £60,000 will come from the council’s existing waste budget. Annual operating costs are estimated to be around £50,000, with the sale of recyclables expected to bring in around £26,000, resulting in a predicted annual net operating cost of around £24,000.

The facility will allow residents to dispose of items which have a resale value, or could be recycled or reused, as well as get rid of extra garden waste. However, it will not accept general rubbish. The Council says a further aim is to develop links with the local community, provide training and employment.

County Councillor Janice Hanson said she hoped the public would make good use of the centre