Just how many miles per hour should we go then ask locals?

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Now you see them - now you don’t.

Residents in Garstang have been left bemused by the antics of Lancashire County Council after first signs went up advising a new 20 mph speed limit on Lancaster Road ... and then they were taken down to be replaced with 30 mph ones.

In a slow, slow, quick, quick, slow exercise the council has decided it would be better to permit faster speeds on the main road, and introduce an advisory lower speed limit on the section near the Oak Road turning for Garstang Community Primary School.

One bemused resident demanded to know how much the work was costing.

Paul Binks, road and transport safety manager for Lancashire County Council, said: “Following a review and public consultation at the end of last year it has been agreed that a 30mph speed limit is more suitable for some roads in Garstang which were previously 20mph.

“The roads have a function and characteristics that make a 30mph speed limit more appropriate.

“As part of these changes a part-time advisory 20mph speed limit is being introduced on Lancaster Road outside Garstang Community Primary School. This is being done to ensure the school is covered by a 20mph speed limit at key opening and closing times.

“The work is still on going and as such some signs may not yet be in place. Oak Road is subject to a 20mph speed limit and once the work is finished there will be signs on Oak Road to indicate this.”

Work on the signs is expected to be complete by the end of the end of this week. The advisory speed limit outside the school is scheduled to be operational by September.