Kept hanging on ...

Still waiting: Staff and children at the new Knott End and Preesall Pre-school
Still waiting: Staff and children at the new Knott End and Preesall Pre-school

A pre-school is still waiting for a telephone landline to be installed more than three weeks after opening.

Teachers at Knott End and Preesall Pre-school tried to get a line installed ready for the school’s opening on January 5, but so far they say they have spoken to 27 different representatives at BT and been billed £200 for appointments when the telecoms giant went to the wrong address.

Although the fines were eventually scrapped, the trouble has left a teacher at the Pilling Lane school fuming over the delay.

Kathryn Pasco has spoken to BT every time something has gone wrong with the process.

She said: “We’ve moved from a church hall into a purpose-built building and thought we were giving them plenty of time to put the line in.

“It’s quite bad when you’re in a school trying to contact parents with your mobile phone.

“They’ve been out to the wrong address and didn’t turn up once, yet say they will charge you £100 if you’re not there!

“I’ve been told by some people that it’s a quick job to install the line and by others that it’s major engineering work.

“BT has given us a phone number which doesn’t reach the school but diverts to my mobile phone number.

“Even the woman at BT is getting embarrassed about this.”

Mrs Pasco first asked for the line on September 25 and said she has wasted hours of her time calling different operators.

She added: “We have paid staff to wait around for them when BT has arranged an appointment and then nobody turns up.

“I’ve spent hours and hours calling them and on average it’s 36 minutes at a time.”

A spokesman for BT said: “Around 190 metres of additional underground cabling was required to connect this customer. This work is due to be finished tomorrow.

“However, we are still waiting for confirmation of how soon after this stage of the work is completed that the line will go live.

“In the meantime, we apologise for the delays in providing service.”