Labour’s plan to axe 11 council seats


CALLS for the number of councillors on Wyre council to be cut from 55 to 44 are to be made.

The move is being made by the council’s opposition Labour Group which believes it will help cut costs.

The proposer, Coun Terry Lees, said: “In these times of austerity we all need to share some extra workload and become more efficient.

“This principle has been applied to the staff at Wyre Council, with the loss of many jobs, and we also believe it should apply equally to councillors.”

He said the changes should be considered as part of recommendations to the Local Government Boundary Commission for England.

Coun Lees said: “The savings that this will achieve can then be reinvested in providing improvements in service for the residents of Wyre”

He added: ”The squeeze on finances is a game-changer. We must accept that it is our responsibility to give real meaning to cost saving measures – and reallocate the funds saved back into services.

“There are numerous councils across the country that have come to the same conclusion i.e. that a reduction in the number of councillors is a necessary and viable option.”

The idea has been backed by Labour leader Coun Clive Grunshaw.

At the last review the number was cut from 56 to 55.